Treat The Family To Lost Trail Days 2020

For years, people visited the Louisburg Cider Mill Country Store, knowing about our famous cider and lemonade, but had no idea that we made our own Lost Trail Root Beer.

Our Lost Trail Days are an annual event dedicated to the delicious history of our line of flavorful sodas. The event is totally free and is a fun, family-friendly event that explains our history and process of making soda from start to finish.

This event is only hosted twice per year. Don’t miss out!

Lost Trail Days

June 20 & July 18

9 am – noon

Maximum 15 people per tour


History of Lost Trail Soda

Our Lost Trail Soda is crafted the old fashioned way. Inspired by the travels of Joe Marshall, the great-great-grandfather of Shelly Schierman, one of our founders, Louisburg’s Lost Trail Craft Sodas are brewed right here at the Cider Mill bottling plant. Our draft style, the micro-brewed process ensures smooth and creamy authentic old fashioned flavor.

The Lost Trail line started with one soda: Root Beer. According to family folklore, the original recipe (which we still use today) was inspired by the very first formula for root beer, which Joe Marshall experienced along the Santa Fe Trail in 1848.

Our delicious Lost Trail Root Beer was such a favorite that it wasn’t long before other Lost Trail soda flavors “hit the trail”. Today, we have an extensive line of delicious flavors that everyone will love, like:

  • Root Beer
  • Diet Root Beer
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Orange Cream
  • Ginger Brew
  • Black Cherry
  • Sugar Cane
  • Cream Soda

See Our Process in Action

During Lost Trail Days, we give our customers an opportunity to see how we make our craft soda, where we make it, and taste all the flavors. We use a micro-brew, draft style method that ensures an old fashioned tasted and a high-quality product. And during Lost Trail Days, you can see it in action.

If you’ve never enjoyed the old fashioned flavorful qualities of these beverages, a delicious experience awaits you!

Here’s what you receive when you RSVP for Lost Trail Days:

  • History lesson of Lost Trail Soda
  • Demonstration of how it’s made
  • Delicious 9-flavor flight: Root Beer, Dt. Root Beer, Sarsparilla, Strawberry Cream, Orange Cream, Ginger Brew, Black Cherry, Sugar Cane, and Cream Soda

This year, we are limiting our free Lost Trail Days event to just 15 people per tour to protect our employees and our guests. Because of this, we are not accepting any walk-ins, and families and groups must reserve their spot beforehand by either calling 913-837-5202 or sending an email to with a time and date preference.

Reminder: This event is totally free! Just reserve your spot!

We can’t wait to share our tasty history with you!