Celebrate Apple Cider Day With Louisburg Cider Mill

In 1975, Emmett and Mary O’Rear bought an 80-acre farm outside of Louisburg, Kansas. It was on this farm that Emmett envisioned developing a business that would process and sell apple cider.

44 years later, we’ve expanded our line of delicious apple cider products (sold in our Country Store) to include a variety of flavors of cold-pressed and sparkling ciders, apple cider donuts, spreads, barbeque sauces, apple cider vinegar, and so much more.holding apple cider

As part of National Apple Cider Day on November 18, we want to celebrate the rich history of this delightful drink and some of our favorite ways to use it in treats, drinks, and more!

5 facts about apple cider

  1. In the 14th century, kids were baptized in cider because it was believed to be more sanitary than water. We don’t know about that, but it’s definitely more delicious.
  2. Every morning, President John Adams drank cider because he believed it promoted good health. Adams lived to 90 years old, making him our third longest-living president behind Ford & Reagan. So, there must be something to the “apple a day keeps the doctor away” saying!
  3. At one time in history, 365 different varieties of cider apples were grown. Cider apples seem to have some of the most interesting names, including “Hangdown,” “Kentish Fill-Basket,” and “Glory of the West.”
  4. We go through a lot of apples. It takes about 14 pounds of apples to produce just one gallon of apple cider!
  5. After storming England in 55 BCE, Caesar’s troops brought apple cider back to their homeland.
  6. Einstein’s brain was stolen from his body. 40 years later, it was found stored in mason jars in a Costa Cider box in our home state of Kansas in Wichita!

Our apple cider

Unlike other brands, Louisburg Cider Mill Apple Cider is not watered down or from concentrate—it’s  100% apple cider! And we buy all our apples from commercial growers in the USA, mostly from orchards located along the Missouri River Valley. 

In the early days, bins of apples were delivered and processed one at a time. As production increased, we developed our process to allow bulk trucks to deliver straight into our apple pit. Today, apples are unloaded, cleaned, and sorted, then ground or milled to create an apple pulp that we press to get the delicious juice you know and love. apples

Since 1977, we have been making wholesome and delicious apple cider. While the methods have changed over time, the quality of the product is unchanged and has earned a spot on the Kansas Historical Society’s website.

Ways to use Louisburg Apple Cider

Make holiday cider drinks

Pretty much any recipe that calls for juice can use apple cider! Sub out the lime juice in Moscow Mules for apple cider, top champagne with our Honeycrisp apple cider for a delicious spiced cider mimosa, or even add apple cider and sparkling cranberry apple cider to your favorite margarita recipe for a unique twist!


Swap cider for water in recipes

In many recipes, cider can be used in place of water, adding a festive flair to your dishes. Here are just a few of our favorite uses for cider in recipes: 

  • Soak beans or rice overnight in Louisburg Cider instead of water.
  • Baste meats with Louisburg Cider in place of water or wine.
  • When making apple pie, use Louisburg Cider in your crust.
  • Add cider to your homemade barbeque sauces.

Share it with friends and family

And probably our most favorite way to use apple cider is as a way to bring together family and friends. Whether you give a cider gift basket to out-of-town relatives or buy a jug for your next holiday gathering, there’s nothing better than sharing a cup of apple cider with those you love.

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The Louisburg Cider Mill Story

This video was first unveiled on April 1st, 2017 at the retirement party for Tom and Shelly Schierman. Over 100 friends and family members joined together to honor them for their life’s work and to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Louisburg Cider Mill. Congratulations, Tom and Shelly!